Performance Wear

Performance Wear

Sharkskin Performance Wear

Sharkskin Performance Wear by Sharkskin SportsDesigned with Chillproof, compression and neoprene material to increase watersport performance.

Developed with the help of elite watersports athletes, the designs for Sharkskin Performance Wear combine Chillproof technology with flexible compression material to provide maximum maneuverability. Neoprene stretch, heavy-duty zippers and mesh panels for ventilation allow for superior versatility as weather conditions change or as your heart rate climbs.

Sharkskin Performance Wear Features:

  1. Compression: Sharkskin Performance Wear’s flexible compression material and neoprene allow for total maneuverability during extreme sports and competitions.
  2. Temperature control: Additional temperature controls are added by mesh panels and heavy-duty zippers.
  3. Stretch: Neoprene material for stretch and comfort.
  4. Chillproof 3-layer composite technology: Keeps the wearer protection from heat loss caused by wind and water. Hollow fiber micro-fleece provides warmth next to the skin and wicks moisture from the body to keep you dry. The middle ‘technical’ layer is 100% windproof, yet breathes to regulate body temperature. The outer layer, made of an abrasion-resistant Lycra/nylon blend, offers 4-way stretch for maximum maneuverability in and on the water.
  5. Sun Protection: Sharkskin Performance Wear offers SPF 50+ sun protection for body without the use of chemical sunscreens or the need to reapply every two hours.
  6. Neutrally buoyant: Wearing Performance Wear garments won’t add buoyancy which can inhibit a swimmer in the water.
  7. Anti-microbial and odor resistant: More sanitary and pleasant for the wearer, and their friends.
  8. Itch resistant: Can be worn comfortably for extended periods.
  9. Machine washable: The only neutrally buoyant thermal protection available that is washer machine safe.

The Sharkskin Performance Wear range offers maximum athletic performance in all weather conditions. It is perfect for triathletes, stand-up-paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing, jet skiing, kite surfing and more. It includes Long Sleeve with Chillproof material, Pro Long Sleeve, Paddling long pants and shorts and Pro shorts available in both men’s and women’s fit.

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