About Us

rapid-dryThe Sharkskin brand, originally "Adventure Extreme", was founded in Australia by the owners of Neptune-Sports. Its goal was to address the problem: How to keep divers warm during and after a dive? Starting with just a core assortment of dive-specific products, Sharkskin rapidly expanded to address similar needs in all water sports categories. With the help of passionate designers, administrators, and global ambassadors, Sharkskin soon found itself in most major markets worldwide.

Sharkskin is committed to providing customers with technically superior apparel by keeping its focus on quality materials and embracing the latest fabric technologies and designs.

Sharkskin is products are perfect for scuba divers, surfers, kayakers, paddlers, kite surfers, snorkelers, or any other water lover training, competing or playing in the water. Sharkskin believes that once they have tried this product, it will become an indispensable part of their water activity by protecting against whatever elements they face.

Huish Outdoors, a world leader in scuba diving equipment, is the North American distributor of Sharkskin's line of technical water sports protection. Other brands include Atomic Aquatics, BARE Sports, Liquivision, Stahlsac, and Zeagle Systems. For worldwide distribution, sharkskin.com.au

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